Appendix 1

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Contact information for reporting notifiable disease suspects to Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) Field Offices in England, Scotland and Wales:

There are statutory requirements that suspicion of the notifiable diseases of CEM, EVA, EIA and dourine must be reported immediately to the appropriate Field Service office of the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA).

The RVL's are based at Field Service Offices in England, Scotland and Wales and can be found on Defra's APHA website.

When you telephone your local Field Service office, tell the switchboard that you are telephoning to report a suspect case of notifiable disease, and ask to speak to the Duty Vet. The Duty Vet is trained to handle reports of notifiable disease and will discuss the case with you. Many reports can be ruled out based on information gathered during this initial telephone conversation.

However, if a notifiable disease cannot be ruled out, the Duty Vet will arrange for a Veterinary Officer to visit the premises, usually within two hours. If considered to be appropriate, restrictions preventing movements on or off the premises, may be served verbally over the phone at this time.

When the Veterinary Officer visits, they will examine the affected animal, together with the other animals on the premises. Disease is often ruled out at this point and restrictions are lifted immediately. If disease cannot be ruled out by this examination and inquiry, then samples may be taken and sent to a laboratory for testing. In this case, restrictions will remain in place until negative laboratory results are obtained – this is often in less than 24 hours. If negative results are obtained then restrictions are lifted immediately.