Appendix 1: Contact information for reporting notifiable disease suspects to APHA Field Offices in England, Scotland and Wales
Appendix 2: Definition of 'high risk' and 'low risk' mares and stallions
Appendix 3: CEM and other equine bacterial venereal diseases - Mare Certificate
Appendix 4: Laboratory Certificate
Appendix 5: Identifying EAV shedding stallions
Appendix 6: Guidance on isolation
Appendix 7: Transport
Appendix 8: Information on vaccines available (at the time of review, November 2019) in the UK and relevant to the HBLB Codes of Practice
Appendix 9: Further reading and relevant publications
Appendix 10: Glossary of terms used in the Codes of Practice
Appendix 11: Pilot Protocol for the Control of Contagious Equine Metritis in Great Britain