Appendix 8

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Information on vaccines available (at the time of review, November 2017) in the UK and relevant to the HBLB Codes of Practice

Brand Name Manufacturer Licensed
Equip Artervac*/**        Zoetis For the active immunisation of horses and ponies against equine arteritis virus (EAV) in order to reduce clinical signs and shedding of virus in bodily secretions after infection
Equip EHV-1,4*** Zoetis For active immunisation of horses to reduce clinical respiratory signs due to infection with EHV-1 and EHV-4 and to reduce abortion caused by EHV-1 infection.

Veterinary advice should be sought on the choice, timing and administration of any vaccine.

*Veterinary surgeons and horse owners should be aware that the current datasheet requirement for the only inactivated EAV vaccine currently licensed for use in Europe (Equip Artervac) is for six monthly boosters and not 12 monthly (annual) boosters as was originally the case for this vaccine. This has been the requirement since April 2005, when the vaccine was granted a full market authorisation by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) in the UK. Non- compliance with this booster interval requirement may necessitate investigation of the viral shedding status of stallions by Defra/APHA under the Equine Viral Arteritis Order 1995.

** Zoetis warn (at the time of latest review, September 2017) of supply problems with Equip Artervac which will lead to an undeterminable gap in supply after their currently available batch expires on 26th November 2017. Please see Page 25/26 for more advice regarding serological testing during the period when this vaccine is not available.

*** Zoetis advise that supply of their Equip EHV-1,4 vaccine has returned to normal. VMD have therefore withdrawn their willingness to allow other vaccines, which have been temporarily available via special import license applications, to be imported, other than on an individual case by case basis.

Vaccination is recommended as one means of aiding the prevention of disease. The listing of vaccines above is for information purposes only and does not imply endorsement of the products by the HBLB, its Veterinary Advisory Committee or Sub-Committees. The information given is accurate at the time of printing.